Monte Carlo

Starting from Longbridge, we will follow as closely as possible the route that would have been used in the 1930s on an overland journey from the UK to Monte Carlo for a trip to the Grand Prix. Using a period car covering roughly 200 miles per day travelling at the leisurely speed that would have been appropriate in the day. Using the traditional Route Nationale, avoiding all modern motorways where possible, it will take 6 or 7 days to complete. Obviously stopping for lunch along the way in the time-honoured French tradition. (But without wine for the driver).

Day 1 Longbridge (Where the car was made) to Diepe Via Newhaven

Day 2 Dieppe ferry on to Chartres

Day 3 Chartres to Châteauroux

Day 4 Châteauroux, to Vichy

Day 5 Vichy to Grenoble

Day 6 Grenable to Monte Carlo

Our main aim and purpose of the trip are to raise awareness of the charity Enhance and to sponsor vital projects that will improve the quality of life and education of severely underprivileged communities, in the UK and in South East Asia not with handouts but by empowering and educating them to become self-reliant.

Sponsor our trip and get the chance to win this fabulous car. Every £10 sponsorship gives you one chance into the prize draw at the end of the trip and a special limited-edition keyring. One lucky person will win the car.

Corporate sponsors or individuals can buy a place on the team for a nominal £1,000 per person per day.

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