Teach in Rural South East Asia

Volunteer for our overseas teaching programme. We have schools in rural South East Asia who desperately need volunteer teachers to help their students learn English.

Throughout the programme, we will place you with a local family with all food and lodging paid for. During your time you will have the opportunity to become an important part of the local community. This is the perfect grounding for students considering a profession in education and will be an impressive addition to any C.V..

Most people take education as a basic right for every child. But as we all know there are varying degrees of schooling. In the UK we are fortunate to get a free education that is still very good. The same cannot be said for many other countries. Education in S.E. Asia is for the “haves”, not the “have nots”.

Education in Thailand, for example, has many levels of quality. For those who pay a ridiculous amount of money, there are the International schools giving supposedly international curriculums. Whereas at the other end of the spectrum, we have schools that are charity funded and the Wat (temple) schools. These are run entirely on donations and the goodwill of the people.

There is a big shortage of teachers in many schools across the Region. The bigger schools take the cream leaving some smaller schools massively shorthanded. With your help, we can provide teachers to work in the poorer rural schools teaching core subjects to eager bright minds which have for far too long been stunted by inadequate funding and education.

By volunteering at a school, you have the potential to change the lives of poor children.