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Volunteer for our overseas teaching programme. We can supply you with fundraising materials and support to allow you to fundraise on our behalf allowing you to raise sufficient funds to take part in our teaching projects in Thailand. We will put you through a TEFEL course. With help and assistance to gain confidence and experience to teach English. At the end of the course, you will be fully prepared supported to take on your first teaching in a Rural Thai school. Throughout the programme, we will place you with a Thai family with all food and lodging paid for. During your time in Thailand, you will have the opportunity to learn time and become an important part of the local community. This is the perfect grounding for students considering a profession in education and will be an impressive addition to any students cv.

Most people take education as a basic right for every child. But as we all know there are varying degrees of schooling. In the UK we are fortunate to get a free education that is still very good. The same cannot be said for many other countries. Thailand is one of those other countries. Education there is for the “haves”, not the “have nots”.

Education in Thailand has many levels of quality. For those who pay a ridiculous amount of money, there are the International schools giving supposedly international curriculums. But at the other end of the spectrum, we have schools that are charity funded and the Wat (temple) schools. These are run entirely on donations and the goodwill of the people.

There is a big shortage of teachers in many schools across the country. The bigger schools take the cream leaving some smaller schools massively shorthanded. With your help, we can hire teachers to work in the poorer rural schools teaching core subjects to eager bright minds which have for far too long been stunted by inadequate funding and education.

For most rural schools space is not a problem, but the upkeep of the space is a constant battle. Basic maintenance is almost non-existent, building go unrepaired, plumbing stops working and electrical supply (if there is any) can be lethal. With your assistance, we can help bring the buildings and grounds into good repair.

Simple learning materials such as books are in equally short supply. Our aim is to provide books and stationery to students who need them. Very few schools can conduct simple practical sciences due to a lack of equipment

Enhance has partnered with Worldwide Education Services to offer you the chance to obtain a 120-hour TEFL certificate and up to 160 hours of practical teaching in rural schools in Thailand at a very special price. It doesn’t have to cost you anything.

How does it work?

Enhance is a registered charity that helps disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK and South-East Asia.  You can raise funds by organizing fund-raising events in your area. The funds you raise goes to pay for your tuition, plus expenses in Thailand. Any money you raise above those amounts you choose to be used to help local children.

Worldwide Education Services (WES) is run by a former trustee of Enhance. He has agreed to provide online tuition, to people who raise money for the charity, at a very reduced rate.

This is not a tutor guided course, but a tutor taught course. You will join other people on a 2-hour lesson taught online for 5 days a week for 12 weeks. After that you have the option to go to Thailand and teach in a poor local school for 2 months. The school provide accommodation and some food, but you will be responsible for your own expenses. WES is there top offer help and support for your whole trip.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is over 18 and can pass a police check can participate in this exciting and unique offer.

You will be gaining valuable cross-cultural experience as well as real life experience working with young disadvantaged children who are eager to learn.

What do you need to do?

You organise fund raising events in your area. Send £60 per week to Enhance for 10 weeks which covers your tuition and helps the charity. You log into a lesson for 2 hours per day, Monday – Friday for 12 weeks where you will be taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

If you decide to stop after 120 hours of learning, you can. Or if you wish to continue your adventure you can continue to raise funds and spend 2 months as a volunteer teacher in a poor rural school in Thailand, where you can make a massive difference to the future of many children.

About Worldwide Education Services

WES has for over 25 years been a premier provider of English language training in Thailand. Its primary clients are businesses and business people. Out trainers have backgrounds in language acquisition from Primary schools to University level. All have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience.

TEFL Course Syllabus

Component Objectives Description Time Used
TEFL Basics
  Get an overview of fundamentals of teaching methodology and lesson structure.   •Understanding Textbooks and Course Materials •How to use course materials •How to Teach Speaking •How to Teach Vocabulary •How to Teach Reading •How to Teach Listening •How to teach Writing and Grammar •Task‐based Learning Method •Lesson Planning and Structure •Introduction to Grammar •Peer Teaching Practice   14 hours
TEFL Advanced
Advanced Teaching Methodology •Present and model the latest teaching methods •Controlled practice sessions   Demonstration and controlled practice of the following teaching methods: •Warm ups and ice‐breakers •Topical Reinforcement Activities •Content Based Instruction •Educational Kinesiology •Communicative Approaches •Audio Lingual Methods •Multimedia in ESL •Curriculum Development in Class   16 hours  
Young Learners Basics of Young Learner Development   •Classroom Games and time‐fillers •Teaching Young Learners •Creative Classroom Activities •Behavior Management •Classroom Management •Music and TEFL   10 hours  
Professional Development   Provide you with some knowledge that will benefit your teaching career   Coverage of the following Professional Development topics: •Teacher Ethics •Making an Impression •Getting your first teaching job •Personal Development •Professional Development •Using Humor in the Classroom •What students want •Join the EFL Community •Surviving your first weeks •Learning how to draw •Teacher resources   4 hours  
Second Language Acquisition   •Experience the challenges faced by new language learners   Participants are required to learn the basicsof Thai.   20 hours  
Linguistic Essentials   •Learn grammatical and structural components of English   General coverage of Grammatical Structures (up to pre‐intermediate level), Phonemics, and linguistics.   20 hours
Assessment Portfolio   To reinforce course instructional material.   A portfolio of assigned tasks based on thelesson content for each day.   14 hours  
Teaching Practice   •Gain teaching Experience. Trainees will conduct a lesson online in a language other than English. •Receive constructive advice from the instructor •Reflect on lessons taught   Trainees will: •Practice the teaching methods learned in the teaching TEFL course •Create lesson plans •Write reflective reports   20 hours  
Assessment Written Test   2 hours  

Component Objectives Description Time Allocation TRAINING INTERNATIONAL